Julius Manicad
The Daily Tribune
As the clocks ticks in the Filipinos' preparation for the 2014 Fiba World Cup in Spain, there's a person who is eager to share his secrets on how to deal with basketball supremos. His name is Bill Bayno -- the former Talk 'N Text coach who is now the lead deputy of Dwayne Casey in the Toronto Raptors.
Syd Salazar
I am here to predict on another thing. In fact, this is the second best individual accomplishment there is in the NBA other than the Most Valuable Player award.
Pio Garcia
Philstar Unblogged
Byron Mullens is one the main pillars of this young Charlotte Bobcats team along with Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Dude has been terrific since the lockout-shortened season for the short-handed Bobcats. Short-handed talent-wise but not personell-wise...
Josiah Israel Albelda
ABS-CBN Interactive
OKC’s Week 5 was probably the most dominant by any team this season and the Thunder are looking more and more like the favorites they were tipped to be before the season started.
Rick Olivares
I chuckled when I read that Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace were thrown out for “fighting” during the recent match between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets at the TD Garden...
For Rajon Rondo, Manila’s basketball players are the finest among the participants of his clinics held the past week. He spoke highly of the advanced talent level of basketball players from the Philippines.
EJ Afzelius Philippines
Once upon a time, Kobe Bryant said Brandon Roy was the toughest guy to guard in the NBA. He said, “..Roy has no weaknesses in his game.” In a league with Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant, a playing legend chose Roy...
Aldo Aviñante
Philippine Star
In the final installment of our Top Ten series, we finally take a look at the most imposing position in the NBA. Once christened as the most dominant and important position in the NBA, the center slot has evolved through the years.
Dino Maragay
The Miami Heat’s LeBron James and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder got together for the second consecutive offseason to sweat it out as part of their preparation for another grueling NBA season.
Alder Almo
Dwight Howard’s brute power is about to meet the grace of the NBA’s leading scorer of all-time. Imagine Howard learning the the unguardable sky-hook of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Yes, Dwight has hooked up with Kareem in front of the whole Twitterverse.