Charlotte Lady Cats hit town, tour Manila

By Aldo Avinante, special to Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – With barely enough sleep, Charlotte Lady Cats Rhema, Lauren, Chimere, Kristi, Cara and Shardia – in town for the NBA 3X event this weekend – toured the metro today.

Members of the two-time NBA Best Dance Crew along with Stuff the Magic Mascot arrived early this morning and stayed at the Mariott Hotel in Pasay City, greeting hotel guests and posing for photos with fans.

The first stop for the ladies was the historical Luneta Park in Manila, where they had their pictures taken in front of the famous monument of Jose Rizal.

"This is really cool. And those guards, will they stay up there all day? That's really amazing," said the Lady Cats vibrant rookie member Shardia, referring to the guards serving as sentries of the statue.

The ladies’ Luneta trip was cut short because of rain, but that did not dampen their spirit as they geared up for their favorite past time – shopping.

Despite the heavy traffic, the visitors’ excitement remained undeterred, even waving to the fans and asking about the landmarks they saw.

"This is really beautiful. There are many boats and yachts around," said Rhema while their coaster traversed the stretch of Roxas Boulevard in front of the Manila Bay.

After a while, the Lady Cats finally arrived in the country’s shopping capital in Greenhills and proceeded to check out and buy stuff from the various shops.

But the one that stood out for the girls was a store offering cellphone cases. They marveled at the various models available at low prices, leading to Lady Cat Cara to take home at least five cases.

"This one looks like it is worth around 40-50 bucks, and I am surprised by getting this for only 100 pesos, which is worth around two bucks only," said an astounded Cara.

The ladies then took a break from shopping and dined at the mall’s food court. They then left the venue with smiles in their faces, hoping to return on day.

"I wish we could have toured the mall more, but we hope we can come back soon," said Kristi.

Photo above shows the Lady Cats and Stuff enjoying a day touring Manila

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