Who's your starting 5?

Who's your starting 5?
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Dwight Howard?s brute power is about to meet the grace of the NBA?s leading scorer of all-time. Imagine Howard learning the the unguardable sky-hook of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Yes, Dwight has hooked up with Kareem in front of the whole Twitterverse.
In the final installment of our Top Ten series, we finally take a look at the most imposing position in the NBA. Once christened as the most dominant and important position in the NBA, the center slot has evolved through the years.
The love and passion Filipinos have for the sport of basketball is truly immeasurable. But as far as having the pedigree to produce talent capable of running with the world's best in the NBA, height has always been a measure that's been a deterrent, if not an excuse.
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