Sunday / January 12 / 2014
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Photo: Miami Heat's LeBron James, left, and Miami Heat's head coach Erik Spoelstra, right, react during the first overtime period of an NBA basketball game on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Oh LeBron James.

AP Male Athlete of the Year. Two-time NBA champion. Two-time Finals MVP. Four-time Most Valuable Player. Two-time All-Star Game MVP. Nine-time All-Star. Rookie of the Year. Nine-time member of the All-NBA First Team. Five-time member of the NBA All-Defensive Team. Two-time Olympic gold medallist. Name it, he has probably won everything.

And probably more awards and accolades are coming.

But just like you and me, he's also human. And on this occassion, he showed the once mighty can be a mere mortal too. You see, LeBron recently accused Russian Andrei Kirilenko of the Brooklyn Nets on flopping on several instances, leading to your King fouling out for the first time since 2008, or six years ago. In one play, LeBron also took exception to a foul by another Net, Mirza Teletovic, after his offensive foul on AK47.

That offensive foul was one of the three assessed on LeBron. Interestingly, three of his fouls he committed on Kirilenko. The other offensive foul came against a smaller, thinner Shaun Livingston with 36 seconds remaining in overtime. It was, interestingly, just the fourth time LeBron has fouled out in a regular season game in his 11-year NBA career.

Here's what LeBron told after the game.

“I thought Kirilenko flopped a few times, to be honest about it. He flopped a few times and he got the call. I thought the last one that fouled me out, that could’ve been a charge for sure. He was trying to put his hands on me as I drove and that’s’ what got him off balance and he was able to get the call. But Kirilenko flopped on me a couple of times.”

I know everyone has the right to voice out their opinions. But for someone who has committed the same offense? That is ironic. For those who easily forget, the NBA has fined James $5,000 for flopping during the Eastern Conference finals against the Pacers. The NBA will probably punish Kirilenko and Teletovic. But someone please tell LeBron that its part of the game. Or tell him what Filipino living basketball legend Sonny Jaworski used to tell players like LeBron, "Mag-chess ka na lang kung ayaw mo masaktan (If you don't want to get hurt, just play chess)."

So Welcome to the Jungle LeBron.

* * *

Stars are falling like dominoes due to injuries.

After Chris Paul succumbed with a should injury that will sideline him about six weeks, Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns and Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans joined the parade by also sustaining injuries themselves. Bledsoe underwent successful arthroscopic surgery to repair the meniscus in his right knee Thursday and will be out six to eight weeks minimum. Holiday, for his part, has a stress fracture to his leg and will be out by at least a month. The two will join the growing list of injured players headed by Paul, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Al Horford, Steve Nash, Brook Lopez, Danilo Gallinari and JaVale McGee.

* * *

This blog will not be complete without my customary weekly Top 10. And, without explanation, here it is: Kevin Durant, OKC (1), Anthony Davis, NOP (2), Kevin Love, MIN (3), Chris Paul, LAC (4), LeBron James, MIA (5), Carmelo Anthony, NYK (6), Stephen Curry, GSW (7), Paul George, IND (8), Dirk Nowitzki, DAL (9) and LaMarcus Aldridge, POR (10).

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